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Place : Jellippara
Parish: Jellippara
Established Year: 1986
Address: Jellippara, Attapady , Palakkad- Dt
Pin: 678582
Phone: 0492-4253336

The Mt. carmel high school Jellippara was originaly only for the girls . But as the strong request of the parents and parishners was obtained to admit boys also.This increased strength of the students in this school.Due to this reason shifted  the L.P section to a new building constructed  for this purpose in a nearly compound on29th September 1985.The teachers and the orphanage children of the L.P classes residing in Mt Mary convent attached to the high school had to walk up and down to the new site daily.In course of time the problem was solved by starting  a new convent Snehabhavan .This convent accomadate   teachers and orphanage children on 9th November 1986. Sr joe maria was appointed as the superior of the convent the other members being Sr Carla Sr.Veera and Sr.Jees Rose.

As the number of children in the orphanage increased new chapel was constructed on 18th November 2000.Besides education ministery, sisters are actively involved in parish activities including catechism  and house visiting etc.

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