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Place : Kookampalayam
Parish: Thavalam
Established Year: 1976
Address: St.Peter's high school (Aided), Kookkampalayam,Thavalam (PO),Attappady, Palakkad (Dt)
Pin: 678589
Phone: 0492-4204173

The   ways  of  God, are  wonderful  and  his  plan  for  us  is  really  fascinating. Understanding  the  far  sighted  vision  of  develop  in  Attappady, the first seed of the tree of St.Peter`s convent was sown on 10th August 1965 in the land of Kookampalayam.  It sprouted and grew into a Nursery school in the year 1970.  The distance from the homeland, stange culture and language, extreme climatic conditions made a void in their life.  In spite of such adverse situations our carmel sisters bearing witness of love, compassion, truth and justice came forward to dedicate their service with in a short period ie in 1976 the order of sanction was issued by the government upgrading it as St.Peter`s convent High School.  The missionary zeal, sincerity and devotion of the sisters set the functioning of the school.  Being inspired by the Gospel teaching they have always endeavoured and are still striving to realize their noble vision through their many educational and social activities.  St.Peter`s High school work with the mission of devoting to the cause of education and training the students in their intellectual, physical moral and spiritual development. 

 Total students: 443     Boys:233    Girls-210   

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