Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry


Christ sent His disciples to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick (LK.9:2).  Healing is not merely physical healing alone, it is mental, spiritual & emotional well being, so as to enable them to realize their full human dignity and attain true happiness.


*       To render medical and spiritual care to the sick, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, community, religion, race or language.
*          To provide facilities of Training in the nursing and para medical fields.
*          To carry on, activities for the prevention of diseases and promotion of community health.

Our Hospital services:

1.Vimal Jyothi Hospital   :  Situated in a village called Saravanampetty in 1979-80 as a rural dispensary.  It is now developed as a full fledged hospital.  At present, hospital has various departments like surgery, medicine, Gynecology, Ortho, paediatrics, Physiotherapy, dental etc. 

2.St.Peter`s Hospital, Attapady : Even though, it is a basic care hospital, it is the solace for the tribal people.  Our ancestral sisters started his hospital, mere that 50 years back.  We continue our services there, as a non income generating hospital.

3.Paalana Institute of Medical Sciences : It is a joint venture of 13 religious Congregations including 2 Bishops. It is a trust hospital and CMC, Jai Christo Province is also one of the trustee members.   This hospital is a multispecialty hospital with almost all departments.  CMI, Fr.Julius Arakkal is the director.

            Apart from the above hospitals, our CMC sisters one also working in Jubilee Mission hospital, Amala Cancer hospital and Aayur Paalana, auyurvedic hospital.


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