Community Out Reached Ministries
  • 1. Faith formation and evangelization in families

  • 2. Counselling for parents and students.

  • 3. Career guidance

  • 4. Caring the aged, Poor and the needy.

  • 5. Jail ministry.


    Go through out  the whole world and preach the gospel to all mankind.   Who ever believes and baptized will be saved who ever does not believe will be condemned .(MK.16:15-16)

                              One Christian  is indebted to spread the  word of truth ,given by Jesus Christ  through his very existence  in the world .According to His Holiness  Pope Benedict XVI ,it is the great responsibility of those who have entered into the ecclesial  community  through  the door of faith to speak about  the  word  of life,  which has existed from  the very beginning  which has been  heard   and which has been  seen  with  ones  own  eyes  and one has been touched  with  ones own  hands  to  believers  and non believers  alike. In short ,it is the happiness of  faith and the  zeal  for  handing  over  faith  which  inspires  each and every CMC   sister to work in the field   of faith formation.  This field  has planned  to conduct   most relevant  programmes.

                             In order   to enhance  the faith, fellowship  and mutual  love  of the parish communities  Home Mission is being  conducted  actively.  Every   Sunday  One day ` prayer  service is organized for the non-Christians  of the  various  parts  of  Palakkad  District. For last 23 years  this service is going on with much enthusiasm. 

                                    Vigorous  activities  of CMC Associates  help to form ideal  individuals  and families  filled with prayer , mutual trust , love and holiness which brightens  Jesus  face in the society. With the aim of training  children  in the charism and  spirituality of CMC  , Carmel Buds,Carmel Blossoms were formed  considering   the enhancement  of learning and experience in CMC history , prayer life, Bible reading, piety towards Holy Eucharist, our Lady of Carmel and Carmelite saints, love towards the Church, Trinitarian experience, Sacramental life etc. are being concentrate upon as the part of CMC Mission

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