Faith Formation

Our founder Bl.Chavara Kuriakose Eliase envisioned the spiritual resurrection of the people of God through the initiation of our congregation. The prime duty and goal of the establishment of our congregation was to enable the people of God to understand the meaning of the Gift of faith and also to help and support them to worship God in spirit and truth and lead them to infinite bliss of mystery of the salvation of Christ. Thus they have to grow up to Christ in personal perfection and through them the world towards Christian formation. Our target group is women and children and their Christian formation and their upliftment are the focus of all our apostolate.

The essence of Christian Formation is to enthrone Jesus Christ in all hearts. Our inner thirst  regarding it is reflected in St. Pauls words that Iam again in the pain of child birth until Christ is formed in you (Gala.4,9). It is our sweet duty and privilege to proclaim the Word of God whether the time is favourable or unfavourable, convinse, rebuke and encourage with utmost patience in teaching (2Tim.4,2). All our apostolate are directed to this aim. Our sisters are equipped with the knowledge in the branches of spiritual and divine sciences as in the art, both humane and temporal sciences to fulfil this aim. We aim to concientise  the people of God-especially women and children about their apostolic mission and empower them to become missionaries filled with zeal and divine love in their own environment. Our founder fathers are the models to us in this regard. They instituted abode of virtues to learn and teach catechism by conducting spiritual retreats in the parishes, leading the people to faith and salvation through meaningful participation and experience of liturgy which was re-awakening in the then Kerala church.  We continue this spirit through proclamation of the Word, Catechism, apostolate  of parish, renewal of family, education, healing ministry, charitable activities and mass media and publications.

Proclamation of the Word
    We proclaim the Word according to the command of the Risen Lord to proclaim the gospel to all generations(Mt.28,19). It is our first mission which cannot be substituted by any other as in the case of the church. We proclaim the gospel message that, God is our loving Father, His son Jesus Christ is the only Saviour. He is the only mediator between God and man and eternal salvation is possible only through Him. By following the footsteps of our founder, Bl.Chavara we have taken the responsibility to lead the people of God to true faith in the light of the Gospel, empowered by the Holy spirit and united with the teaching authority of the Church.To facilitate this mission many of our provinces have started prayer houses, retreat and counselling centers,open to all.
The Church entrusts a special mission to the consecrated persons to teach Catechism (Catechesis in our time,1979,General directory for Catechesis,1979).Through catechesis we aim to enable the people of God  especially women and children, to lead a life rooted in faith, love and knowledge about God, by instructing them on the mystery of salvation, and to lead the baptized in Christ to eternal life in the light of Gospels and the teaching of the Church. Usual class room teaching and the special period assigned for catechism and moral instruction in schools and the Sunday schools attached to parishes set the stage to realize it.   
Parish and Family Apostolate
The heart of a church is its parishes and families aglow in faith. The focus of our faith formation ministry is parishes and families. We undertake the responsibility to spend ourselves all that we have for the people of God. We work for the total progress of the parish in co-operation with the parish priest. Our local houses are places of refuge for the parishioners in their need. 
We pay special attention to the faith formation of domestic church through home mission. A group of sisters is set apart for visiting the houses regularly and give the people support and help in their faith, vision and other needs. We try to win the families through the women, its lamp and through them the children, the heads of the families and other members, there by leading them to the kingdom of God.

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