Regular Colleges
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mercy College Palakkad, Palakkad.
 Parallel Colleges
 No  Name and Place
 1 Jayamatha college (Parallel College), Palakkad.
 Higher Secondary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 Avila convent Mat Hr Sec School(Eng), Coimbatore.
 2 Arogyamatha Higher Secondary, Kottathara.
 3 Kanikkamatha Higher Secondary School (Eng), Palakkad..
 4 vimal jyothi higher secondary school (Eng),(PKD), Saravanampatty.
 5 little flower matriculation higher secondary school, Tirupur.
 High School
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mount Carmel High School, Jellippara.
 2 St.Peters High School (Aided), Kookampalayam.
 3 Arogyamatha High School, Kottathara.
 4 Kanikkamatha High School (Eng), Palakkad..
 5 Carmel High School (Unaided),(Mal),(PKD), Palakkayam.
 6 Infant Jesus Matriculation School, Perinaikanpalayam.
 7 Little Flower Matriculation School,Tirupur., Tirupur.
 8 Lourd Matha Matriculation School., Udumalpet..
 Upper Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mt.Carmel U.P. School, Jellipara..
 2 Kanikkamatha U.P. School, Palakkad..
 3 Infant Jesus Matriculation School, Perinaikanpalayam.
 4 Vimal Jyothi Matriculation School, Saravanampatty..
 5 Little Flower Matriculation School,, Tirupur.
 6 Lourd Matha Matriculation School, Udumalpet.
 Lower Primary Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 St.Thomas, L.P.School, Edathnattukara.
 2 Mt.Carmel L.P.School, Jellipara.
 3 A L.P.School, Karapadam..
 4 Arogyamatha L.P. School, Kottathara..
 5 Kanikkamatha L.P. School, Palakkad, Palakkad.
 6 Nirmala L.P. School, Palakkad..
 7 Carmel L.P. School, Palakkayam..
 8 St.Georges L.P School, Seenkara..
 9 Little Flower Matriculation School, Tirupur..
 10 Lourd Matha Matriculation School, Udumelpet..
 Special Schools
 No  Name and Place
 1 Infant Jesus School for Hearing Impaired, Perinaikanpalayam..
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Peter's Hospital, Palakkad.
 2 Vimal Jyothi Hospital, Saravanampatty.
 Hostels & Boardings
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Peters Hostel, Kookampalayam.
 2 Arogyamatha Convent Hostel, Kottathara.
 3 St.Therese Working Womens Hostel, Mannarkkad.
 4 Mercy College Hostel, Palakkad.
 5 Kanikkamatha Convent Hostel, Palakkad.
 6 Health Care Centre, Palakkad.
 7 Jayamatha Convent Hostel, Palakkad..
 8 Carmel Bhavan Hostel, Palakkayam.
 9 Infant Jesus Hostel, Perinaikanpalayam..
 10 Lourde Matha Hostel, Udumalpet..
 Nursery School
 No  Name and Place
 1 Carmel Matha Nursery School, Kadambur.
 2 St.Marys Nursery, Karimba..
 3 Christy Jyothi Bhavan Nursery, Palakkad.
 No  Name and Place
 1 Nazrath Balabavan, Agali.
 2 Mount Mary Convent Balabavan, Jellipara..
 3 Sneha Bhavan Balabavan, Jellipara..
 4 Arogyamatha Balabavan, Kottathara.
 5 St. George Balabavan, Seenkara..
 Old Age Homes
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mercy Home Old Age Home & Day Care Centre, Palakkad.
 Press and Publication
 No  Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's Press, Palakkad.
 Tailoring Centre
 No  Name and Place
 1 Mary Matha Tailoring Centre, Kadambur.
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