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Dr.Sr.Sheila Kannath(Alias Sr. Mary K.A) was a Research guide at the Research centre for Comparative Studies, Department of English, Mercy College,Palghat,Kerala. She has received three awards for her remarkable contributions to the field of Higher education and Media. In 1978 she got her Post Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of English and Foreign Languages,Hyderabad. She has been awarded Pro.M.M Ghani Best teacher award in 1999-2000 by the University of Calicut. She has published 9 books,50 audio cassette albums and 4 VCDs to her credit. As a poet, educationist, lyricist and musician she is committed to promote faith in God. Communal Harmony and Eco-spirituality, through her guided meditations, talks,bhajan mandals, music, and dance compositions.

Sr.Sheila passed away on 15th of august 2009.After realizing a great deal of achievements within her hard and diligent lifetime she was called back home to heaven by the Father for whom she spent herself lovingly and gratefully. She was suffering from several ailments despite being a cancer patient. But her end was too sudden, after a serious attack of the heart and an open heart surgery. She hoped to survive still and desired to complete her mission. However, God our loving father willed it otherwise. Sr. Sheila remains fresh in the minds of many especially her loving family members and friends with whom she lovingly related all through her life. May her soul rest in Peace !

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