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Faith Formation

faith formation

In Jesus Christ God reveals what humans are and what they can become. The New Testament witnesses a challenging and transforming message for all humans for all times. The mission of the disciples of Jesus at all times and at all places is to contribute the same mission of Jesus. The present day world needs more than ever before the Gospel of Jesus for its liberation from all oppressive forces. Commitment to God and the Person of Jesus Christ as well as the values of God’s reign which he preached demands from his disciples that they live and proclaim “the all-embracing” nature of God.

  • Pastoral Work

All our Christian formation activities are connected to parish. Our sisters are animators in almost all parishes wherever we have convents. Sisters organize CLC, KCSL, KCYM,AICUF,Jesus Youth, Mathruvedi, Judith Forum, Kairos etc.

  • Faith Formation

30% of our sisters are giving catechism classes, Moral & Counseling sessions.11.5% sisters stand only for Faith Formation. Directly or indirectly all sisters are imparting Jesus through their words and activities.

  • Divine Fellowship

This is a prayer group started in 1992 specially for other

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religion people in Palakkad. Till Covid-19 this gathering was active with 50-60 persons. All Sundays they gather in our “Jayamatha” college do “Praise and Worship” with help of preachers, singers and priests. Three of our sisters are mentors for them.

  • Home Visit and Home Mission

It is the most effective and basic ministry for faith formation. A good number of sisters are interested and doing this ministry very well. According to the need of parish and the request of the vicar our sisters are willing to do Home Mission. Prior to Covid-19 we conducted Home Mission 7 parishes of Palakkad diocese and entire parishes of Ramanathapuram Diocese.

  • Carmelite Spirit

We CMC, try to radiate ‘Carmelite Spirit’ through systematic meditation and through our own saints – St.Chavara Kuriakose Elias, St.Euphrasia, St. Therese of Lisieux ,St.Teresa of Avila, St John of the Cross.

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