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St Mathew: 14: 14 says that “And when he went ashore, He saw a great multitude, and felt compassion for them, and healed their sick.” By healing the sick, he achieved the ultimate goal of saving the humanity from their sins and leading them to a fruitful life. He set us an example, so that people afflicted with diseases could be healed through divine love, prayers and medicine.


Christ left a legacy for us to follow. The task had to be continued. According to Mathew 25: 40: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” With reference to this verse, the idea of establishing hospitals took birth in the minds of a group of sisters in CMC Palakkad Province who had dedicated their lives to serve the poor and the economically marginalized sections of the society and chose Attapadi in Kerala and Saravanampatty in Tamilnadu to provide hospital services, prayer, and counselling. Attapadi is an area of very backward community with tribal people as the major population. They were very ignorant about medical care and had a life which was aloof from the normal people.

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Saravanampatty was also an isolated place with very poor people and they had no access to the hospitals. The population residing here was economically so backward, so we realized that it was very vital to provide competent, compassionate care in response to their needs and their hearts would open to the message of salvation. By Gods grace in 1971 St Peters hospital at Kookampalayam, Attapadi, in 1978 Vimal Jyothi Hospital at Saravanampatty as our own hospital and in 2004 Paalana Hospital by Malabar Medical Mission Trust at Palakkad were established. These hospitals have gone a long way in serving many people and even now the job continues. It is only by the sheer mercy of God.


There are chronic conditions that make the people symptom burden for example; renal failure, heart failure, paralysis which necessitates a holistic approach of care. Such patients are given care at the palliative center in our hospitals. Patients who reside at their own houses receive palliative care from our sisters. Our sisters also assist them to meet their personal hygienic needs, pray for them and counsel them to achieve relief from fear, guilt, pain and also to help them cope with their disability. Support is also given to the near and extended families to cope with the patient’s condition. A terminal care center was started to cater to serve the dying patients specially patients suffering from cancer. The symptoms are managed by providing comfort and assistance. Our sisters deal with the mental turmoil the patients have to undergo at the time of death through prayers. The families of the dying patients are also assisted. We are so delighted that all of our sisters have dedicated their lives to the well-being of the people not only in India but also in various other parts of the world like Germany and Africa. They have been a source of blessing to many lives. The spirit of divine love, touch, empathy, hope and message of good news that they imbibed into their lives during their service in India has become a reason of enlightening many lives in Germany and Africa.


Our hospitals are Baby friendly hospital. Every child born here is precious whether it maybe a boy or girl. Each baby born here is prayed personally by the sisters and before they are discharged counselling is given on nurturing the baby spiritually, physically, and mentally. Babies are special and the sisters have testified many of them after growing up come back to thank them for the special ways that God had led them to become successful in their lives.


In the year 1984, we adopted a place in Maruthamalai where there were 69 leprosy families.

We assisted them in giving various medical services as well as helped them in meeting some of their needs. This is being continued even now. From the year 1994 to 2000, as per the guidance of the Coimbatore Collector a free medical care camp was done in a place called Veerapandi in Coimbatore city and this benefitted around 1500 families residing there. From the year 2000 with the help of Kapithani sisters medical camp which included free treatment was given in their school located at Ganeshpuram every Friday. Camps are also conducted in Attapadi in all the villages very often.


Awareness classes on drug and alcohol addiction are conducted. Education on the modem medical practices and awareness classes are conducted frequently.


Special mention has to be made regarding the NABH process that was initiated in the year 2017. By the abundant mercy of God, Vimal Jyothi Hospital is accredited with NABH Entry Level.


The year 2020 dawned with Covid-19 and we have seen many deaths in the year. After that it has made us so much devastated. To help the needy and poor people, a Covid-19 Care Center was opened. Many patients have been benefited through this due to the services at affordable cost.


To help out the poor girls and also to meet their spiritual needs, a School of Paramedical Sciences was established in the year 2009. The School is certified with BSS Diploma courses in Nursing Assistant Course-2 years, Medical laboratory Technician Course-2 years, Pharmacy Assistant Course-2 years, X-Ray technician Course-2 years and Dialysis Course- 2 years. The School is functioning efficiently.


From the year 2013 Vimal Jyothi hospital has been functioning closely with Medical Fraternity of Ramanathapuram Diocese.


Refresher courses are attended by the sisters as and when necessary to rejuvenate them and also to support and strengthen them psychologically.

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